Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Every man whether single, married, has a girlfriend or a close significant other needs to know what is appropriated and what is not when it comes to getting her the right gift for the occasion. Consider the length of your relationship when purchasing a gift for someone. Most people will not accept gifts too soon in the relationship; they might think your gift is linked to getting them to commit to you. It is practical to know what she is fascinated in, her likes and dislikes. Your gift should match her personality or it should represent your feelings for her. A woman approves of a guy who listens to her heart's desires and wishes. You are sure to win her admiration by presenting her with any of these top 10 gifts.

1. flowersFlowers that symbolize you: Pick or buy her some flora that sends her a sweet and pleasant message. Every flower is important and has a different meaning. A lot of women are knowledgeable about flowers. You don't want to send her the wrong message by giving her an orange lily which means hatred.

chocolate2. Chocolate lovers: You will never ever go wrong with chocolate. Women love chocolate when it has a surprise center. Try these legendary chocolate covered treats. Chocolate covered fruits: Strawberries, cherries, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and pomegranate. Candy apples come chocolate cover too! Chocolate covered fun snacks: Candy, popcorn, chips, pretzels, peanuts, and peanut butter balls. Be more inventive and bake her cookies or her favorite dessert. Fabulous chocolate drinks: Craft a basket of goodies, with yummy drink mixes. Hot coco, flavored chocolate teas, chocolate coffee- mocha, dark and rich, vanilla bean, white chocolate and mint or caramel chocolate.

3. Candles: women, old or young adore candles. Get a variety of different fragrances, this way she can enjoy all sort of scents in every part of the house. There are a plethora of candles, big and small. For example, candlesticks, tea lights, votive, soy candles, floating, pillar and jar candles. Include candle holders with your present. Like vessels, lanterns, glass candle holder and candelabras.

4. Photos and Frames: Frame her beloved picture of the two of you. If you want to get fancy, blow it up and buy one of those huge I love you cards and build with plenty of love. You can put a portrait on almost anything, like key chains, cups, mouse pad, puzzle, magnets, and frame

5. Handmade: Make her something unique like her. Whatever, if you made it yourself she will love it. Charms, dream catchers or pretty pins she can wear.

6. The life of Music: Music is the perfect, any occasion gift. Request a song for her on the radio. Sing to her a love song. Steal her iPod long enough to fill it with the greatest hits of all time.

7. Do something stellar or rare: Have a star named after her or take her torare two places at once- stand on the state line or on a border but right in the middle or one foot on each side.

8. Cater to you: Wait on her hand and foot. Cook, clean and please!

9. Pets are pals: Getting a puppy, kitten or fish is sweet because when you are at work she will never be lonely, she'll have a friend.

10. Last but not at all least: A necklace. Engrave your and her names or write a petite note like I love you or forever mine.


These offerings and ideas are for everyone to take pleasure in and share.

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