Lemon Cake for Tea Time

What do you usually have for your tea time? Some tea and few slices of bread and butter? In addition to the slices of bread and butter, one would offer thin cucumber sandwiches or salmon sandwiches as well as cakes, pastries and of course sponge cake...However, slices of bread or sandwiches is not always the answer to making your tea-time sweet and happy. It sometimes needs a naughty dash of lemon, or the mellow swirl of cream on a dessert, to light up your mood and your tea.
tea time

Here we offer you a tangy and light Lemon Cake, specially baked by
lemon cake

This pound cake is the perfect tea-time dessert.It is sweet and buttery with a moist yet dense texture and it has a tangy lemon flavor that comes from adding both lemon zest and lemon juice to the cake. A lovely cake to serve in the afternoon with a hot cup of tea.
lemon cake

The size of cake is 19cm x 9.5cm x 7.5cm, not included the toppings. It can be your cosmetic box, jewelry box or a normal storage box.

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