How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

No matter how many treats you pile atop a table, without a good centerpiece, the display will still seem incomplete.
These paper flowers out of crepe paper are very fast and easy to make and look unbelievably real. An ideal craft also for those who like flowers but are maybe allergic to them. Imagine how beautiful a bouquet of these would look in a vase.

Want to make your own flowers? Please keep reading...

You need:
Crepe paper (some people call it Tissue paper)
Flora wire (you can replace it by chenille stems)
Wooden sticks
Colour marker pen
Paper clips
Flora tape

You can make any size of the flowers as you like. I used 3" diameter circles to make these flowers.
Just draw a circle on the paper and fold the paper until it is larger a bit than your circle. Cut out the circles.
The crepe paper I bought is 49cm x 88cm which enough for me to make 4 to 5 flowers with 12 circles per flower.

Next, use 2 paper clips to hold the circles together.
By using a marker pen, gently colour the edge of the circles.
Colour a small section per time, then go over each section for few times to ensure the colour is intense and the ink has saturated all the edges.

After that, remove the paper clips and poke 2 little holes near the center of the circles.
I did this using a darning needle (kind of very thick needle), you can do this with anything you like.
Then, push the flora wire through 1 hole, fold down the end of the wire for about 1 inch long, and pass that end of wire through another hole.
You will see the wire is holding the circles.

Now is the time for the petals.
Separate the topmost circle and crumple it upwards from the centre.
Scrunch up the paper randomly, concentrate on the base of the petal (the centre of the circle) and leave the coloured edges alone.
Repeat this step with each circle in turn.
Remember to be gentle to the paper as it is so thin that it would tear easily.

Keep scrunching the paper until you get the shape like this:

Take a small piece of cardboard, poke 2 holes on it.

Push the flora wire through the cardboard until the 2 ends of the wire pass through it.

Hold the flora wire and wooden stick together, and wrap them with the flora tape all the way down to the bottom.
Here is a tip for you, to wrap without the tape getting tangled up, hold the tape at an angle to the stem and stretch the end of the tape as you wrap the end of the stem, to help it to stick securely.
The floral tape will stick to itself, so there is no need to use glue to fasten it down.

Make about a dozen, and you have a beautiful bouquet!

If you are interested in making these flowers but don't know where to buy the materials and the price, please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

do email me where can i find those paper n flora wire too =)
also, price of each if u taking any orders..

Anonymous said...

sorry typing error.. said...

Hi, thank you for interesting in this tutorial of how to make crepe paper flowers.
I actually bought the crepe paper at the Popular Bookstore and I believe every branch of Popular Bookstore.
And for the flora wires, I got it from my supplier. There are lots of size, that one I used is No. 20. I think you can find it in any craft shops.

And yes, I'll take the order if you want to buy those material.
Flora wire no.20 = RM4.00 / 10 pieces
Flora tape (1/2") = RM5.00 / 20 yard
Crepe paper (big) = RM1.60/piece
Crepe paper (small) = RM1.20/piece

For the crepe paper, I'll check for you the dimension tomorrow...
1 piece of big crepe paper + 1 piece of small paper is enough for me to make the number flowers as shown in this post

Best Regards, said...

The size of crepe paper:
Big - 50cm x 150cm
Small - 49cm x 88cm

Regarding the color of choice, you can just tell me what color you want and I'll get it for you.

Best regards,

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