Rose for HER at ONLY RM5.90 - Valentine's Day Special Offer

Roses are among the best Valentine's Day gifts that manifests the purpose of the celebration in a better manner. Roses have been Valentines Day Roses and also traditional Valentine's Day gifts presented by lovers to each other.
Each rose has its special meaning.

RED Rose: Valentine Rose
Red rose means romantic love; they're the "Valentine roses," par excellence. American Rose Society, they are the modern day expression of the sender's love and respect. Red roses are the color of choice on Valentine's Day. It means Love, Respect, Courage, and Romance & Passion.

The pink rose represents pain, suffering and death in Roman mythology. Deep pink roses say "thank you" by symbolizing gratefulness and pleasure. Feelings of respect and kindness find words with roses that are light pink in color. Pink roses symbolize beauty and gentility. We express our gratitude and appreciation with pink roses.

A purple rose is to signify that the giver has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight and enchantment.

Order 1 rose for your loved one which costs only RM5.90 each

This little rose can be made into a DECORATION for wall or inside the car or KEYCHAIN.
This flower will last forever, so you can just keep it for a very long time.
Suggestion: Spray a little bit of perfume on the flower before you give to someone, make it smell good.

You can choose to make these handmade roses into

a hand tied flower bouquet or a common flower bouquet
Leave me a message at if you are interested.
The prices will be different from the little rose.

Please place order Before 1st February 2011


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