Alphabet Keychain @ RM2.90 (Original Price = RM4.90)

alphabet keychain
alphabet keychain

Originally at RM4.90, now ONLY RM2.90

1.)You can choose the color you want for both the front and back of the keychain
color chart

2.)Besides that, you can decide which type of hanger you want for your keychain
types of hanger
NO additional charge if you choose only ribbon as hanger.
Type 1 - Additional RM0.40
Type 2 - Additional RM0.60
Type 3 - Additional RM0.70

3.)You may add any words on the keychain if you want, such as name, 'I Love You', 'Thank You'...
With additional of RM0.30 and maximum 10 characters only
alphabet keychain
alphabet keychain

* Click on image to enlarge it

Code: HM002
RM2.90 + price of hanger + RM0.30(if you want to add any words on it)

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